wrk: Calgary Coworking Space – Affordably priced, convenient to book and no membership fees.

You’ve just found the best and most affordable coworking space in downtown Calgary.

wrk: place

This contemporary work space has been designed specifically for your business needs, and is conveniently located just two blocks from the LRT. It’s also close to ample parking, making it easy for you and your clients to get down to wrk:.

wrk: space

Whether you want to rent a space for a day, a month, or even just one hour, our wrk: spaces promote privacy and allow you to focus on what you do best, unlike those loud and obnoxious open work spaces.

wrk: style

At wrk:, you are able to hold your meetings in an office that is stylishly furnished and decorated, fully equipped with video conferencing in beautifully designed boardrooms, with unlimited access to coffee and tea, as well as a concierge service.

And if you simply need a virtual office to receive mail and field your calls, we offer that service as well. Simply click one of the options below to learn more or book today.


“Our team enjoys this excellent business center especially since it has been fully renovated.

The improvements to the office spaces and furniture have made a huge difference, making the spaces much more efficient. The modules are a very practical and pleasant addition.

We have been here for 4 years and are satisfied with the way that the management is taking care of the space and the recent changes.

This center has a very good atmosphere for our professional image and is pleasant and enjoyable.

Our concierge is efficient, friendly and welcoming to our walk-in clients.”

“The space is very inviting and a great place to work and collaborate in a professional atmosphere. The office is full of creative and passionate professionals. Excellent facilities, highest level of service, large windows, great floor plan, modern and well decorated. The upscale environment provides a positive impression with our clients and visitors. Highly recommend the space if you’re looking to jump start your business or it’s a great place to host a meeting for the day!”

You know your professional image is a reflection of your business. That’s why you’ll love wrk’s shared office space.

Credibility is built in attention to every detail. And let’s face it, you don’t generate that in a coffee shop. wrk: offers you an affordable option that will definitely impress your clients. No matter what rental choice you make, you’re invited to enjoy the stylish lounge area, bright bold artwork, modern and fully equipped boardrooms, a state of the art A/V system, classy offices and office space, as well as a professional concierge service.

With wrk:, you can take care of your business and we’ll take care of the office space.