The Space

When you really need to get down to work, you need a convenient and professional space to be your best. That is why wrk: is the best choice you can make. Just 2 blocks from the LRT (4th Street Station) and close to parking, it’s the perfect option for any professional. Whether you want a coworking space for an hour, a day, a week, a month, or something more permanent, wrk: has the right option for you.

wrk: will be easy to tackle as a group. When your team needs to put its heads together, book into a meeting room. The boardroom seats 12 and is equipped with high-quality video conferencing allowing remote team members or clients to join in. 2 TV screens and HDMI cables, conference phone, and a white board are also available to ensure no great ideas are missed.

The East meeting room has seats for four, 1 TV screen and HDMI cable (available from reception), conference phone and whiteboard. There is plenty of room for big ideas, even with a small team.

If you haven’t got a team, or they’re remote, you can take care of wrk: on your own in one of our private offices. Each private office features a height adjustable desk, allowing you the freedom to stand or sit during wrk: hours. 2 executive chairs, 1 storage tower, 1 desk lamp, 1 orange and black pedestal and 1 metal side return create an efficient wrk: space with plenty of storage.

Ready to get some real wrk done? Contact us to schedule your private tour.

Monthly Office Suite

Monthly Office Suite Features:
If you’re looking for a permanent, professional place to wrk:, our Monthly Office Suite is right for you. Each private office features:

  • Square footage ranges from 77 sq. ft. to 265 sq. ft.
  • 1 Height adjustable desk
  • 2 Executive chairs
  • 1 Storage tower
  • 1 Desk lamp
  • 1 Orange and black pedestal
  • 1 Metal side return

Starting at only $429.35 per month

Daily Modular Suite Features:
If you’re looking for an occasional place to wrk:, our Daily Modular suite is your secret to success. Each of our modular suites are available daily, weekly or monthly and feature:

  • 1 Complete modular workspace
  • 1 Desk lamp

Starting at only $25 per day

Daily Modular Suite

Executive Board Room

Executive Boardroom Features:
Perfect your pitch, get the team together, or meet with clients in our Executive Boardroom. Available by the hour or the day, there’s plenty of time to get your wrk: done. The Executive Boardroom features:

  • 12 Seats
  • 2 TV screens
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 Conference phone
  • 1 Whiteboard

Starting at only $50 per hour

Small Meeting Room Features:
Our Small Meeting Rooms are your perfect choice whether you wrk: with us regularly or want to drop in with clients or team members. Available by the hour or the day, there’s plenty of time to get your wrk: done. Each Small Meeting Room features:

  • 4 Seats
  • 1 TV screen
  • 1 HDMI cable (available at reception)
  • 1 Conference phone

Starting at only $25 per hour

Small Meeting Room

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